“Susan has a way of putting the craziness of the world in its place by accepting the fact that for most of us, crazy is actually normal.” Cat Wilson, That Girl in the Morning

How Not to Do Things

My first book, a collection of true-ish stories, is coming out on Surface Popper Publications this summer.

Release date and wild parties TBA. Please subscribe so I can keep you in the loop and have you by my side.

Stories include:

  • How not to crash your own funeral
  • How not to catch a mouse
  • How not to prepare for an emergency
  • How not to renovate your home
  • How not to try on a bathing suit
  • How not to take up a hobby
  • and oh so many more….

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll be glad you’re not me.

(photo by Michael & Suz Karchmer)