I write things

My latest project is a weekly advice column, written with novelist Candace Hammond and published by Gatehouse Media. We are The Fix-it Sisters. I am also a staff writer for the Cape Cod Technology Council.

I’ve been very lucky to write for publications, people and businesses I like. Here are some samples:

Provincetown Banner:
Reasons to Live

The Wellfleet Beachcomber (newsletters, press releases, social media)
Sample newsletter: Things You Totally Need to Know About This Weekend’s Bands

Left Bank Gallery:
Fran Forman
Good Elephant
Fay Shutzer

Barnstable Patriot:
Too Hot to Handel?
First Night
Finishing a Symphony in Stone

Cape Codder:
From Vine to Wine

Inside Out
Wellfleet’s Sol
Out of the Sea and Into the Frying Pan

Cape Cod Times
Chamber finishes season with a flourish

Polite Fictions was my 15 minutes of hanging with the cool kids. These samples were in response to writing prompts, which we passed from writer to writer like a hot potato:

What Happens After the Kiss
The Alphabet of Regret: U is for Us