I write things

My latest project is a weekly advice column, written with novelist Candace Hammond and published by Gatehouse Media. We are The Fix-it Sisters.

I’ve been very lucky to write for publications, people and businesses I like. Here are some samples:

Magazine of Yoga. I loved writing for Magazine of Yoga and miss it like crazy.

Polite Fictions was my 15 minutes of hanging with the cool kids. These samples were in response to writing prompts, which we passed from writer to writer like a hot potato:
What Happens After the Kiss
The Alphabet of Regret: U is for Us

Provincetown Banner:
Reasons to Live

The Wellfleet Beachcomber (newsletters, press releases, social media)
Sample newsletter: Things You Totally Need to Know About This Weekend’s Bands

Left Bank Gallery:
Fran Forman
Good Elephant
Fay Shutzer

Barnstable Patriot:
Too Hot to Handel?
First Night
Finishing a Symphony in Stone

Cape Codder:
From Vine to Wine

Inside Out
Wellfleet’s Sol
Out of the Sea and Into the Frying Pan

Cape Cod Times
Chamber finishes season with a flourish

I’m a staff writer for the Cape Cod Technology Council