Help me pick a cover for my new book

We’re down to the wire on the book cover and I need help deciding. Please leave a comment and vote for your favorite version. Extra credit for reasons why you like it.

Thank you!

6 thoughts on “Help me pick a cover for my new book

  1. Lisa

    Middle. The green stands out and I like the black print with the black clothes.

  2. Noodle

    The right. The legs fill more of the space and the green is striking.

  3. cin

    middle. the black font is easier on the eyes than the white. although i like the font style on the white on best. what matters most is that the shoes don’t match !

  4. Poodle

    I like the bright background, the black text, and the not all capitalized letters.

  5. John Markus

    It’s a gut thing.
    Congrats on the book behind the cover!

    1. susan Post author

      Thank you – and thank you!

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